Welcome to Lifestyle Pilates Petaluma, where we blend contemporary and classical Pilates to provide an invigorating fitness experience. Join our fusion-style classes, featuring the Reformer, Cardio Jump Boards, Pilates Chairs, Tower exercises, and more for a dynamic, full-body workout.

Embark on a journey with us to sculpt your body and increase flexibility. Lifestyle Pilates Petaluma welcomes individuals of all skill levels, ensuring everyone finds their perfect place in our studio. Join us for a holistic approach to Pilates that goes beyond the traditional, and experience the power of mindful movement.


Stretch & Tone All Levels

Welcome to our Stretch and Tone Pilates class – a comprehensive introduction to the Pilates method across various apparatus. Elevate your fitness journey through mindful breathing and movement on the Reformer, Chair, and other Pilates small apparatus. Enhance overall strength, balance, and flexibility from your very first session, with each class building on your progress. All levels are welcome. Join us for a transformative experience – your stronger, more flexible self awaits!


Discover the essence of Pilates with our Fundamentals Class! Ideal for beginners and seasoned enthusiasts, this session focuses on fundamental Pilates systems, including breath patterns, body positioning, and form. Dive into the practice with an emphasis on technique and self-awareness, all while enjoying the variety of Pilates tools in our studio. Strengthen your core, lengthen your body, and face each day with renewed vitality. All are welcome to join this empowering experience!


Elevate your fitness with our Reformer Fusion class - a signature experience blending mobility enhancement and athletic competence. Seamlessly moving through Pilates fitness-style exercises on the reformer, this class incorporates diverse Pilates apparatuses for a comprehensive workout. We recommend 5-10 prior classes for optimal experience. Perfect your form, breath, and muscular function in this empowering session. Join us and take your Pilates journey to the next level!


Level up your Pilates journey with our Power Pilates class. Tailored by our expert trainers, this advanced session guarantees to sculpt, tone, stretch, and balance your entire body in this cardio-focused class. Recommended for students with a foundation of at least 10 Pilates classes. Ready to enhance your strength and flexibility? Join us for this transformative experience!