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Gretchen Iniguez

Gretchen Iniguez

Owner Gretchen Iniguez’s passion for Pilates began in 2005 when she was certified through a locally owned Pilates studio. In 2008 Gretchen opened her own studio, Lifestyle Pilates in Petaluma, which has grown in popularity with each passing year. She strongly believes that health and fitness are a way of life, which is why she’s built a lifestyle that exhibits her dedication and commitment to helping others enjoy their path to optimal health.

As a veteran of over 18 years in the fitness industry, Gretchen has taught gymnastics to children and adults for 12 years and was a certified Personal Trainer through the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFFA) for three years. She is also a graduate of the Institute for Interactive Nutrition (IIN) as a fully certified Holistic Health Coach. Additionally, she is certified by Balanced Body Barre to teach Barre classes.

She has the following training and certifications:

  • Comprehensive Certification From Body Arts and Science International (BASI)
  • Personal Trainer Through the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFFA)
  • Training for Pre- and Post-Natal, Scoliosis, Pathologies and Injuries
  • Certified Holistic Health Coach Through Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN)
  • Certified Through Pilates Method Alliance (PMA)
  • Certified Balanced Body Barre

Lilly Ryan

Lilly has been practicing Pilates for more than 3 years and is ecstatic to share her love for Pilates with everyone at Lifestyle Pilates Petaluma! Lilly Completed her Teacher Training Program at Lifestyle Pilates Petaluma lead by owner Gretchen Iniguez. Lilly is extremely passionate about helping people. Lilly hopes to continue her education and travel the world spreading her love for Pilates. Lilly has always loved sports and maintained an active lifestyle. In Lilly's free time, she enjoys making art, music, and working in her succulent garden! Sign up for one of her classes, and come say hi!


Brooke Crane

Brooke, a Petaluma native, has always felt that moving your body was an important part of living a healthy life. As she started her career as a graphic designer, she explored all sorts of group fitness classes to counteract the hours she spent on her computer. She felt that the biggest problem people face when starting (and sticking with) a fitness journey is simply that they don’t actually want to do the workout. She realized that Pilates tended to be the ONE class she always looked forward to and her love for the practice blossomed. The idea that one practice could be adapted to any body type intrigued her and the mind-body connection that came through the practice of Pilates was something that she had never experienced in other types of exercise classes. She was hooked! One thing led to another, and she found herself immersed in a comprehensive training at her favorite studio to become a teacher.

Teacher Training

Professional Pilates Teacher Training at
Lifestyle Pilates Petaluma

Lifestyle Pilates Petaluma offers a full 450-hour comprehensive teacher training program lead by director Gretchen Iniguez PMA®-CPT. If you are ready to take the next steps to creating a fulfilling career or would like to enhance your personal growth and knowledge in Pilates, please contact us about joining our Teacher Training program.

Contact Gretchen Iniguez:
(707) 338-0710


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