Gretchen IniguezGretchen Iniguez

Owner Gretchen Iniguez’s passion for Pilates began in 2005 when she was certified through a locally owned Pilates studio. In 2008 Gretchen opened her own studio, Lifestyle Pilates in Petaluma, which has grown in popularity with each passing year. She strongly believes that health and fitness are a way of life, which is why she’s built a lifestyle that exhibits her dedication and commitment to helping others enjoy their path to optimal health.

As a veteran of over 18 years in the fitness industry, Gretchen has taught gymnastics to children and adults for 12 years and was a certified Personal Trainer through the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFFA) for three years. She is also a graduate of the Institute for Interactive Nutrition (IIN) as a fully certified Holistic Health Coach. Additionally, she is certified by Balanced Body Barre to teach Barre classes.

In continuing her education, she earned a Comprehensive Certification from Body Arts and Science International (BASI), and in 2011, she further advanced her knowledge by studying Pilates for Clients with Scoliosis, through Jean Sullivan, and Safe and Effective Exercises for Prenatal and Postnatal Clients. Then in 2012, she studied Pilates for Clients with Injuries and Pathologies.

Gretchen’s enthusiasm for health and helping others continues to be one of her driving motivations. She’s very excited to share her knowledge and grow as an Instructor, and looks forward to meeting you!.

colleenColleen O’Grady

Colleen has had an excitement for Pilates since 2006 when she took her first Pilates class. Her passion for the practice exploded a few years later when Pilates helped restore movement and strength in her body prior to and post three surgeries. Pilates felt both natural and challenging, yet low impact on the joints. She loved how Pilates made her feel stronger, helped her experience more alignment in her body and allowed her to thrive more in life.

After completing a comprehensive study of Pilates a few years ago, Colleen became nationally certified through the Pilates Method Alliance. Most teachers love to learn as much as they love to teach and Colleen continues to learn alongside you and progress her personal practice and education. In addition to expanding her understanding of Pilates, she is currently pursuing education in holistic nutrition.

Colleen feels blessed to be “working” in an industry that allows her to help others create change in their lives and their bodies. Pilates has been a gift to her and she feels excited to share this gift with you.

DaliaDalia Bravo

Dalia has lived in Petaluma since June 2004 and has made lots of great friendships during this time She found a local Pilates studio and took her first complimentary class on February 28th, 2007. She loved the Pilates routine and became a Pilates studio client right away. Pilates started to transform her body and shape so she decided to become a Pilates instructor at a local studio to learn more. Pilates has given Dalia the body, mind and spirit strength needed to coop with her daily activities and adventures.

Dalia thanks Pilates for giving her the strength to take on adventures such as: sea kayaking, stand up paddling, hiking, skydiving and more. Dalia loves to share her passion for Pilates with her clients and feels everybody in this world needs to add the power of Pilates to their daily routine. Dalia is constantly embracing Pilates techniques via workshops from lead Pilates instructors around the world and has signed up for a Pilates retreat in Thailand on May 2014.