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March Plank Challenge!!

Master our PLANK CHALLENGE for a seriously stronger core in just one month! During the month of March we challenged our body by increasing our planking time to bring more benefits to our core stability and strength. Whether you planked for 1 minute or 4 minutes, we are so PROUD of each one of you…

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Bubbles & Bounce for COTS

Come and jump for a cause at our special Barre/BOUNCE & Bubbles class! Start your weekend with a little sweat, music, and lots of fun among friends. Bring a friend or family member. Finish off your class with a chilled glass of champagne. Friday, April 21st @ 5:30pm $25 per person All Proceeds going towards…

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Ready for a Crazy-Effective Cardio Workout?

The International Journal of Sports Science conducted a study in 2016 that showed rebounding is twice as effective at improving aerobic fitness and burns 50% more fat than running! Reform/REBOUND A high-intensity, low-impact cardio and strength training workout that fuses Rebounding (trampoline jumping) with Reformer Pilates moves focusing on core, arms, and back. Barre/BOUNCE A…

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Petaluma Foot Race

Petaluma Foot Race 3 & 5 mile Run/Walk Sunday April 19th  Start Time is 8:30 am Children Are Welcome. Cost: Adults $33 – Under 18 is $28 We will meet at the studio @ 8:00 am SAVE 10% Register at:!registration/c19xe To Save 10%, when registering – choose the team “Lifestyle Pilates” & enter coupon code “lifestyle”.

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